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    Welcome to
    UBO Consulting
    Your trusted market research provider, dedicated to the
    provision of meaningful and actionable insights
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    We offer quantitative and qualitative
    solutions tailored to our clients’ needs
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    Rich Variety
    of Projects
    Our clients include major international
    and local organizations, governmental institutions
    and reputable multinational and local firms

Completed Interviews

350,000 +

UBO Consulting’s experience and partnerships across all regions and sectors in Kosovo has enabled the company to complete projects of various sizes and specifications while maintaining high levels of efficiency and quality

Satisfied Clients

150 +

Given their satisfaction with our work, the majority of the clients have become our partners they turn to us as year after year with their research problems

Completed Projects

350 +

Major sponsors of UBO Consulting work have included government and public sector organizations, foundations and associations, international and local organizations, and private sector entities

What We Do

Opinion Polling

Opinion polls are an integral part of political debates, the state of the economy, social trends and more. Simply put, we report what people think, along with what they do, because it is important. We generate original public opinion data and other information that is relevant, timely and accurate

Social and Economic Policy Analysis

By combining our expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methods, evaluations, and policy modelling, we provide actionable Intelligence for social and economic policy change in Kosovo

Project Evaluation and Impact Assessment

The project evaluation and impact assessment process determines if planned goals and objectives were met. We utilize our expertise to carefully examine and document the accomplishments or identify any constraints, and provide recommendations for future interventions

Feasibility Studies

Our feasibility studies evaluate the viability of a project on the details of its implementation and development of the project. Our budgetary planning and financial guidance help our clients make informed decisions

New Product Development

Whether it is a new concept, an addition to existing product lines, or modification of existing products, our expertise can provide valuable input to the product development process. Our research solutions help turn ideas into concepts, test concepts to determine product attributes and optimal pricing, and develop product launch strategies

Market Size and Segmentation Studies

We help clients identify the precise size of the market they are interested in, who their target audience is, and how to differentiate themselves to meet the specific needs of their customers. As a result, our clients can compete better and gain advantages in the market by performing properly in a competitive environment

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