Who we are

UBO Consulting is a full-service research and analytics company that delivers authenticity and consistency, embraces innovation and delights in creating value for its clients. Our work is driven by our passion to help clients make better decisions and solve complex problems through the use of data.

Why UBO?

By placing emphasis on your needs, UBO Consulting designs tailored solutions that provide actionable recommendations for you and your team. With over 20 years of experience in providing research and analytics services to local and international clients, our company is a one-stop shop for all your data-related requests. If you want to uncover breakthrough insights and find solutions you actually need, UBO Consulting is the company for you.

Our team

Adonis Shabani
Adonis ShabaniSoftware Developer
Albona Kadriji
Albona KadrijiData Processor
Antigona Arifi
Antigona ArifiField Researcher
Arbnore Hoxha
Arbnore HoxhaField Researcher
Arbnore Hyseni
Arbnore HyseniData Processor
Arlinda Bunjaku
Arlinda BunjakuField Researcher
Arta Hoxha
Arta HoxhaBusiness Development Representative
Arton Bunjaku
Arton BunjakuBusiness Development Representative
Azem Halili
Azem HaliliFieldwork Coordinator
Bekim Bytyqi
Bekim BytyqiField Researcher
Blend Dubova
Blend DubovaBusiness Development Representative
Donika Marku
Donika MarkuSenior research Analyst
Durim Konushevci
Durim KonushevciField Researcher
Eneida Aliu
Eneida AliuQualitative Research Manager
Erblina Temaj
Erblina TemajData Quality Officer
Erza Jëlliqi
Erza JëlliqiJunior Data Analyst
Fidan Berisha
Fidan BerishaFieldwork Coordinator
Flaka Ahmetaj
Flaka AhmetajData Analyst Intern
Gezim Ahmeti
Gezim AhmetiField Researcher
Gjon Markaj
Gjon MarkajField Researcher
Gresa Berisha
Gresa BerishaSenior Research Analyst
Hana Bacaj
Hana BacajDirector of Research Department
Jehona Karavidaj
Jehona KaravidajDirector of Analytics Department
Jeta Murtezi
Jeta MurteziIntern
Kujtim Koci
Kujtim KociChief Operating Officer
Leona Gjakova
Leona GjakovaPanel Manager
Merita Osmani
Merita OsmaniOperations and Finance Director
Mimoza Bunjaku Dili
Mimoza Bunjaku DiliOffice Manager
Ramiz Orlishta
Ramiz OrlishtaTechnician
Ritë Arifi
Ritë ArifiFieldwork Coordinator
Rrezearta Jahiu
Rrezearta JahiuData Analyst
Rron Lecaj
Rron LecajQualitative Research Analyst
Sara Abrashi
Sara AbrashiQuantitative Research Analyst
Shkurte Makolli
Shkurte MakolliQuantitative Research Analyst
Taibe Shala
Taibe ShalaData Analyst
Uliks Osmani
Uliks OsmaniFounder / Director of Business Development
Valon Feka
Valon FekaChief Executive Officer
Valon Klisurica
Valon KlisuricaTechnical Manager
Zamirë Bajrami
Zamirë BajramiFieldwork Manager