The analytics department will assist you in utilizing data to make smart decisions and consequently increase the performance of your organization or business. Our extensive experience in data collection and structuring, data modelling, analysis and visualization, enables us to turn raw data into portions of comprehensive useful information.

Through our services, we will ensure that you understand your customers’ behavior and improve their experience while converting prospects, predicting customer churn, and identifying opportunities to expand your market share. Our analytics team has delivered incredible results for our clients around the world and will be happy to design the most efficient solutions to your business needs and identify opportunities for future growth.

Data Preparation and Management

Our team assists you in the preparation of merged, manually entered, inconsistent and/or unstructured data at hand. The clean, consistent, valid and structured data is considered an invaluable asset for every business and as such, through the blending of different techniques, our team will prepare and manage your data, boosting its value and building ground for data analysis leading to successful data driven business decisions.

Data cleaning/Data wrangling.
The data analysts in our team will ensure that your data is valid, complete, accurate, unique, consistent and uniform. Working with a cleaned dataset is one of the most important aspects of the data analysis process, and as such we will dedicate our efforts to providing you with a dataset that is neat and provides you with the information most valuable and useful.

Data cleaning with: Excel, Python, SQL, R, Visualizations and proprietary software like OpenRefine, Trifacta.

Data entry
Our experienced team will ensure that the data entered into your database is arranged, verified and organized into it. Part of the process includes reviewing the data to ensure an error-free dataset and filling in the gaps of incomplete information through research. This ensures that any kind of data is accurately keyed into a specific format or platform and easily used for analysis or other tasks.

Data integration
In today's world of expanding volumes of data, our team of analysts will ensure the smooth integration of data scattered across multiple sources to provide you with a consolidated picture of information they represent. This crucial process for internal operations’ success, enables you to have a dataset containing quality data which can be accessed from different departments and used seamlessly for your business purposes.